Sunday, March 28, 2010

Instock, swap/trade all welcome!

Selling the brown bag, $19. In tip top condition. 
Chanel rubberband black X2
Chanel rubberband Xwhite 1

each @ $8.90

BNIP Instock $8.

3/4 tights with ribbon at both side.
Worn once, in good condition.

T-shirt $6

Tee: $6
In prefect condition but my phone camera is lousy so soryyyy.
Used couple of times still in good condition $15.
Fast deal @ $13.5 NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Exact picture above, in good condition $19.
Fast deal with NO QUESTIONS ASKED $18.

$14, BNIP.

Eyelash 10pairs in a box, each @ $15.90 mailed.
Outside are selling each pairs around $2-$4, buy this will definitely help you save money. No glue attached.

NWRZD Sponge Hair Curler 6 balls/bag.$7 EACH
yellow Cake shaped and Pink Ball shaped instock.BNIP

Using this little and cute sponge curler, you can also be a magic hairdresser !! Just 20-30 minutes, DIY by yourself at home!!Soft and light weight design, easy to carry and simple to use. NO Damage with your hair evenwhile you are sleeping
Japanese Design! Hot and Popular!!
Two usage methods:
1st - When hair is about 80 to 90% dry after washing, curl with the sponge
curlers and go to sleep. Wake up with natural looking curls the next day.
2nd - Spray little water and curl hair with sponge curlers. Blow the hair with
the dryer on low heat for about 15 to 20 minutes. Remove sponge curlers after
that and you will have nice curly hair.

Hair remover, BNIP.$6